"I've come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that's as unique as a fingerprint - and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you."
-Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine, September 2002
US actress & television talk show host (1954 - )
"Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible."
-- Francis of Assisi, clergyman
"It's not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."
-- Charles Darwin(1809-1882)

"There are two tragedies in life. One is not to get your heart's desire. The other is to get it."
--George Bernard Shaw, "Man and Superman" 1903, act 4


"When a good man is hurt, all who would be called good must suffer with him." --Euripides

“Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed.”

― G.K. Chesterton

“The first thing the intellect does with an object is to class it along with something else. But any object that is infinitely important to us and awakens our devotion feels to us also as if it must be sui generis and unique. Probably a crab would be filled with a sense of personal outrage if it could hear us class it without ado or apology as a crustacean, and thus dispose of it. "I am no such thing," it would say; "I am MYSELF, MYSELF alone.”

― William JamesThe Varieties of Religious Experience


最須要恐懼的,是恐懼本身 (The only thing we have to fear is fear itself)--Franklin D. Roosevelt


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